FreeFixer: Free Virus, Spyware Removal Tool

There are good amount of tools available that can remove all the virus, spyware and malware for you but this tool called FreeFixer is a reliable one.

Being free does not mean that this tool FreeFixer is not effective; the FreeFixer is a general purpose removal tool that can remove all the potentially unwanted adware, spyware, trojans, viruses and worms from your computer.


1.    The tool not only scans the currently running programs and startup programs but also your browser’s plug-ins and every setting related to it.

2.    It does not lists all the processes related to Windows like svchost.exe but generates all the suspicious files.


1.    The only disadvantage with this is that it produces the list of all the unwanted programs which may not be virus, so you just need to know what you are deleting.

FreeFixer is a small and free virus remover that can also run from USB after you copy the installation folder from Program Files into the USB Drive.

Download FreeFixer

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