Game Downloader for Windows

Every one like playing games, be the player is a child or an adult everyone play games. Games take you to the world of fascination; even some games feel so real that sometimes we tend to forget that we are playing it. Games surely act as a stress buster.

Everybody loves playing good games. Be it on the computer, on a tablet, on a smart phone or on a console; be it a quiet game played alone or an engaging multiplayer; be it a mind-challenging puzzle or a blazing first person shooter. Each one of us has our own tastes and we can’t deny this fact.

If retro-like, light and free games are what your heart desires to play; you’re going to be just super excited about this tool called Game Downloader. You will find over 200 free and easy to download games in almost every category possible. Whatever be your mood it is sure to fulfill all your needs.

Once you install the software you just have to choose the category of game you want to play. It offers multiple categories that you have to scroll and choose from. As soon as you choose a category it will show you the list of games in that category.

It will provide you small description of that game as well. It also provides an option ‘you tube’ from which you can easily browse videos related to that game and have a preview of it. Further the option ’games website ‘helps you to get more information regarding that game from the parent website.

Game Downloader is very simple, and therefore doesn’t require or even offer much settings. You can even get the source code, since Game Downloader is an open-source project. Though according to the website which provides this software states that this is made for windows 7 in actual, but it is also compatible with XP & vista.

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