GeeMail: Gmail Desktop Client to use Gmail outside the Browser

If you need to check your Gmail inbox time and again but don’t like opening the browser for it, and configuring the Outlook seems complicated to you, then here is a desktop client solely for Gmail. Using this you can access your Gmail account and all the emails without running the browser.

GeeMail is a Gmail desktop client which is used to access your Gmail account and the emails inside it. You can not only read/send/forward/reply but also schedule the email in the offline mode. The biggest advantage of GeeMail is that it is very simple to use. You don’t need to configure it for any settings, just install it and run it using your Gmail login credentials.

Another major advantage of this is that it can be run in the offline mode that is it can be used to not only read the emails without internet connection but you can also schedule the email to be sent, which will be sent right away when you connect it to the internet connection.

The tool has a similar UI as compared to the actual Gmail, so that you don’t feel any troubles in understanding or using the tool for the first time. Moreover it can be used on any OS say Windows or Mac.

The only limitation is that it requires Adobe AIR to be installed in the system (which should not be a problem I guess).

Download GeeMail

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