Generate Self-Destructing Encrypted Photos for Sharing on Facebook

With so many social networking sites today, our privacy is very important and we should ensure only the required people are able to see our private information and not everyone else. There might be times when you wished that only someone in your friends list in Facebook see your uploaded photos and not others, well you can share the album with that person only but you won’t be sure enough if they won’t share it further.

Here is a simple iOS app that can actually help with this by encrypting your photos and also making them self destructible so that only the person you wish can see it and that too only for the time specified by you. The app is called as and is only available for iOS users.


To be able to use this app you just need to install it on your iPhone, take a snap or choose existing one and apply any of the many filters available. This will ensure that your photo gets encrypted. You can change the filter slider below to increase or decrease the filter encryption. Click Next to go to the next screen.


Now you have the option to write a personalized message with the photo which will be shared with someone you wish. Also you can set the time for which the photo exists before destructing itself. However you will have to choose from three options of 1 hour, 1 day and 1 month. After selecting this, you now need to select the person to share the photo with (you can share with everyone in your friends list on Facebook too).


When you are done configuring the settings, just click Share button and the photo will be shared with the person specified and for the time duration as set by you. No one else other than the person shared with and you would be able to see the image without the filter. However you would also see the image with the filter at first, but when you tap on it, it will appear properly.

The app is great however it doesn’t allow you to set any custom photo expiration time and doesn’t also show the remaining time.


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