Generate Self Destructing One-Time Text and Media Messages

There are occasions when you want to send some confidential information like a message or a media to someone but at the same time you would want that the message can’t be forwarded or shared with others. While it is not advisable to share any confidential information over text with someone, if you have no other option than sending then you should try the self destructing messages.

Self destructing messages are the messages that destroy themselves after some specified time period thereby leaving no trace behind. There are various services for generating self destructible messages; today we are sharing one such service called ReadOnce.


ReadOnce is an online service for generating one-time only messages. The message will destroy itself after a certain period of time without any notice. The time period is set up by you when creating a message. ReadOnce can not only send text but also media files like audio, video and images in a single message. Moreover the service can be used with any other service like Facebook, WhatsApp and Skype etc.

How to use ReadOnce

1. To generate a one time self destructible message, visit the ReadOnce website, create a New Message.

2. Then you need to set the time in seconds (and milliseconds).


3. Next you need to either write the secret text or upload a media file of not more than 5MB size.


4. If you wish to mask the URL being generated, click the option of in the next step else leave it blank.

Now when you click the Generate button, two links will be generated which would be Public and Private. Private link is for your own use and will take you to the message dashboard for next 5 days after which the message will be removed whereas the Public link is for sharing with others.

When someone clicks on the public link shared by you, they will be redirected to the ReadOnce site and will see the message for the time set by you after which the message will be destroyed permanently. You can also renew the message at your end even after 5 days and share with the others.

If you liked the service then you can try it from the link below.

Visit ReadOnce

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