Generate Tiny URL Addresses with Firefox Plug-in

If you don’t know what Tiny URL is, then it would interest you to know that Tiny URL is an online URL shortening service that can shorten the URL addresses for you so that you can use it where you have word limit restrictions like Twitter.

Tiny URL is quite a popular service and to generate the addresses you had to visit the official Tiny URL site.

But here is the Firefox Plug-in for the Mozilla users that can generate Tiny URL for you automatically with only a single click.

Features of Tiny URL Generator:

•    Generate Tiny URL addresses with just single left click.

•    The URL is copied automatically and is ready to paste.

•    Preview links can also be generated from right click context menu.

Once installed, this Firefox add-on will place itself on the status bar of the browser and will work great for you.

Download Tiny URL Generator

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