Get Your Android Mobile Notifications Right on your Desktop

Are you that kind of person who always keeps an eye on his phone while working on computer, in order to check if there is any missed call or unread message?  How about getting all the notifications right on computer screen? If you are an android user, then you can really do this.

A simple application known as DeskNotifier is specially designed for android OS which brings all notifications such as calls, SMS messages, Gmail, Facebook notifications, etc received on your Android phone to your Windows PC instantly. And the amazing feature that has been added in this application is that you can respond to those notifications right from your PC too. Yes you don’t need your phone to respond to SMS notifications.

With this application you will never miss an important message or call even if your phone is not in your hand. This application is divided in two parts. One is an Android installer which is compatible with almost all android devices and the second one is the desktop client.

The application will run in the background silently and will communicate with your phone over WiFi or via USB cable. When your phone is connected to the desktop via wireless or wired means, it will push almost all notifications straight to your desktop and you can even respond to them.

If you want to connect your phone over WiFi, then connect both the device on the same network and click on the application icon in your pc and it will establish a connection between both devices. If you connect it with a USB then at your phone, go to Settings > Applications > Development and check USB-Debugging. You will really like this app and the interface of this app is really very easy to use.

Download DeskNotifier Android app and Desktop Client

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