Get Android Notifications on your Computer Screen

For all those people who find it very hard to stay away from their phone even for a minute, this post will be really helpful. How many times does it happen to you that you forget your phone at home? Well that’s very common with everyone and we tend to miss our phone somewhere and feel that if we are missing on some important calls and notifications.

Here is a solution to this, with the Android app called as Desktop Notifications you can now display the notifications right on your computer screen. That’s right; you won’t need to check your phone again and again as you will get the android notifications right on your computer desktop screen. Be it the missed call notification, text, email or anything, if your phone has got it then your computer has got it too.


How Desktop Notification works:

• You first need to install this app from the app store (links provided at the bottom) and install the browser extensions too in your computer. Chrome users click here and Firefox users click here.

• Now you need to enable the app in your phone from the Accessibility button in the Settings. It will generate a code that you need to enter in your computer browser to pair both of them.


• Click on the browser extension installed, and enter the code to pair them.


• That’s it. Now whenever your phone will receive any notification you don’t need to check it again and again for it, as you can see it right in front of you while working in office.

It is interesting to note here that the notifications on your desktop will not result in any action as they are just notifications which means you won’t be able to reply to any notification from your computer and you need your phone for that purpose.


I would also suggest you to configure the app in your phone before using so that it works as per your needs like display either only the title or the title with the message contents.

Download Desktop Notifications

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