Get Angry Birds Space for Free on iOS Device

Previously we have discussed that the developers of Angry Birds game had released a new version of Angry Birds Space. This game brought new exciting feature for the Smartphone users but at the time of release, the users were required to pay something to get this version. After some time the company (Rovio) made the full version of this game for free for the android platform but the iOS users were left out and they didn’t get an opportunity to try this game for free.

I know that many users do not like to pay anything for such things, thus keeping this in mind now the company is ready to provide the iOS users with the first ten levels out of the full eighty levels of this game. Also it includes some free updates that will add more levels with time.

Since the user will be able to try out the first 10 levels of the game, he will be able to figure it out, if he could spend $0.99 to get this game or not. Also the user will be able to check if he is comfortable to use it or not.

You must be aware that there is not much difference between the game available for android platform and iOS platform even the previous versions did not have any unique differences but still it is more costly to get it for iOS, if compared to the android.

The company also assured that if the user gets the paid version, then he will get more versions than the android users get. Though $0.99 is not a big amount to spend for this game but we would like to know your views that will you pay for it or not.

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