Get Classic Start Menu and Start Orb in Windows 8

The interface of Windows 8 is aimed at touch screen devices making it much harder for desktop users to adapt to the change. But as this is the rule of life, we have to move on. Those who are using Windows 8 Consumer Preview must have noticed that there is no start menu option, which makes it harder to use.

As much as the new technology is concerned, we can’t do anything in that case. But we can give you an option to get Classic Start menu along with Start orb in Windows 8 Consumer Preview by using Classic Shell 3.5. However, the start menu that you will get by this tool will be like the Classic Start menu (old Windows 98 style with search box), but it is better to get something than nothing.

To get this start menu, just go to the link given below and download Classic Shell 3.5. This software offers several features but we’re only focusing on installing Classic Start Menu here in WCP. Once the installation is finished, you will see Classic Start Menu and its related orb. By pressing win key or left clicking on start orb opens Classic Start Menu which by default with metro skin designed by developer for Windows 8.

However, this start menu lacks restart button, which we can add easily again from program settings, in Customize Start Menu tab, right click on restart command on Available commands pane and Click “add to menu” or press Enter. And you can adjust different settings and change Classic Start Menu according to your needs.

Download Classic Shell 3.5

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