Get Color Details for Any Color on Screen

While surfing the internet we come across several different websites with all different looks and colors but what if you find a color very appealing and want to know what is the color info for that. Not just to a website but if you can see any color on the screen then you can find out its details easily.

What you all have to do is just download a tool called ColorPix that can recognize any color for you, which can come under mouse to be exact. Run this tool and select the color by hovering the mouse over it and it will provide you with all the necessary color info like Pixel, RGB, Hex, HSB and CMYK.

The tool is very small in size and requires no installation. After picking the color what you need to do is select the option of “Press any key to lock” as this would stop picking any further color and if the color is quite small then you can of course use the zoom feature (up to a whopping level of 1600%!)

The free tool can be downloaded easily from the link shared below.

Download ColorPix

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