Get Color Details with Screen Tool

Whether you are a student, developer, artist or a programmer, there are times when you need to work with the different colors.

Now you don’t need a calculator to find out the hex code of a color required for that color change. The tool called Screen Tool will do it for you. The tool provides you with features like color values of any screen pixel formatted as HTML, RGB, HEX, and COLOREF. The current X/Y mouse coordinates along with a magnifier with zoom up to x32.

Compact and lightweight, Screen Tool is a handy utility that can help with editing web pages, and creating screen shots. You can even measure other screen items with its inbuilt screen ruler. If not the ruler, then the color effects like Greyscale or Sepia would interest you.

It is a free tool that requires no installation and does not affect the registry of the computer.

Download Screen Tool

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