Get Detailed info on Processes running in Background with ProcessGuard

Whenever we work on the computer there run lots of processes in the background each having some specific purpose of its own. We can see the info of any of them using the Task Manager such as how much memory they are consuming, on what priority etc. Using the Task Manager we can also kill or terminate any of them which is a handy feature if any program is not responding.

With this small app called ProcessGuard, you can do many things apart from the usual ones that could be done with the Task Manager. You can not only see processes’ memory usage, CPU usage and other stats but also change priority, get warning on reaching the specified memory usage limit, logoff the system or even shutdown or hibernate it.

The application is free and very simple to use. ProcessGuard is small in size too and require no installation. Just download it and double click to get started.

Download ProcessGuard

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