Get Detailed Info Tags of Music and txt Files

If you are some person who like to listen to music a lot and still keep your music library organized then this article will help you. I like listening to music much and also keeping the song details like the artist, album name and other info tags but for that I need to manually select a music file, select properties and visit the appropriate tab.

Same is the case when you want to view the detailed info of some music file (although we see this by default in Windows but that info is limited). The information provided in the infotip box is not detailed enough. An infotip is a small preview that we see when we hover the mouse cursor over the file.

Here is a free tool called InfoTag Magic using which you can view the infotip of various files like ID3 (MP3), Windows Media Audio, Monkey’s Audio or Ogg Vorbis tags. This was common and didn’t appeal to me much until I came to know that it is capable of displaying info for few other files like TXT, INI, LOG, BAT, DIZ, BAK and QUE.

If you hover your mouse cursor on a txt file, you will see the first few lines of the file as a preview without the need of opening it apart from other detailed info as usual. Moreover using InfoTag, you can see the target file name, location, working directory and arguments for Windows shortcuts and version information like file and product version numbers, product name and description, internal name and copyright for executable files, such as EXE, DLL and OCX.

Download InfoTag Magic

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