Get Email Read Notifications in Gmail with Streak Email Tracking

Emails are the preferred mode of communication today and not only for professional purpose but also for personal reasons. Whenever we send an email, we want to make sure that it has been read by the receiver at the other end however by default, no email provider gives us this option. So for all those who are using Gmail as the email provider, you can now find out when your email has been read.

With the help of a third party extension developed for Chrome, senders can now find out if the email being sent has been read or not, how many times, from where and from which device. This extension is called as Streak Gmail Tracking and is really simple to use.


All you need to do is just install the extension from the link provided at the end of the article, enable the extension (Track emails by default) and let it track all the emails for you. As you can see in the screenshot, the emails sent will now have an eye icon besides which will turn green when it has been read, hovering over will give how many times and clicking which will let you know from where and more details. The extension also gives you real time notifications as a pop up when the email gets read.


Moreover you get more control on the extension without disabling the extension as there is a toggle switch added while composing the email, which you can turn off to stop tracking some emails whereas turn on to start tracking other emails.

toggle-streak- tracking

This service was launched as trial for free version and I am not sure if it is still completely free, however if you liked it, it is worth a try.

Download Streak Gmail Tracking

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