Get Facebook Chat Notifications on your Desktop Screen

Facebook is one of the best medium to stay in touch with your friends and relatives. You can send messages to them, chat with them or post anything on their walls. Even chatting is also a good option, as it provides you to either chat using your keyboard or a webcam (video call). But I found may people who are just sitting with the website (Facebook) open in their browsers and waiting for a message from their friends.

However in my view it is really very annoying to stare at your screen for a message to appear which result in wastage of time and loss of your work. Even if you are doing some work with another tab open, you have to switch to the Facebook tab again and again to check if someone has messaged you. Thus to end up all this, here I present a latest extension of chrome.

This extension adds notification options to your browser that will let you know if a chat message appears on Facebook. You just have to be logged in to your Facebook account to make use of this extension. It also provides you two types of notifications, one will highlight the notification in the Facebook tab if someone texts you while the other will get notifications on your desktop even if your chrome browser is minimized.

After the installation of this extension, an icon will be placed on the main toolbar of the browser. You can change the position of the icon and can also hide it using the context menu. Hiding the icon will not affect its functionality. However you will not get any notification if the website (Facebook) is the currently active window on your screen.

Overall it is a useful extension and will prove very helpful for those who are Facebook addicts. The extension supports several languages including English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Dutch and Chinese. You can download the extension from the link given below.

Download Facebook Chat Notifications

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