Get Golden Lightning USB Cable for your Golden iPhone 5S

Most of us are aware of the new iPhones launched by Apple recently. Well this time iPhone had really good improvements and was no disappointment. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S which are the two iPhones launched by Apple are currently on Pre-Order these days. There are lot of features that are introduced by Apple in these devices, some of those which I like are the finger scan unlock, dual color flash and gold color etc.

Yes this time the iPhone 5S is being offered in more than the usual two colors, Black, White and the Gold.


For you all you people who are already impressed by the Golden iPhone 5S and have planned to purchase it, this might be a good news to you. Well if you also want your USB cable to compliment your iPhone’s color, then here is a Golden colored iPhone 5S Lightning Cable that you can purchase at a subtle price of $18.

Juicies is a company that produces different cables, and accessories for Apple and Android devices. Team Kickstarter has paired up with Juicies to produce high quality and tangle free Gold iPhone 5S usb cables. This should be some good news to all those who would like to match the cables along with the phone color.


So what’s the catch? Since the manufacturing cost of the gold cable is bit higher, they need to produce lots of cables to bring the cost down and for this they need the project backers. If the project meets the backing of $120,000 with another 48 days to go, they will start producing the cables. As of today, on Friday the project stands at $105,000 and with another 48 days to go, the project seems a good bet.

So if you are already planning to go for the cable, then you can visit the location below and see what you can order.

Visit Juicies + Kickstarter for Gold iPhone 5S cable

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