Get Instant Search Results for the Highlighted Text

A few days before we have told you about a highlighter pen with which you can highlight the text in the WebPages while surfing on web. Today you will get to know how to get instant search results. That highlighter pen was supported by almost all browsers, but this article is dedicated to Chrome only.

Search highlighter, an extension available in Chrome store will definitely enhance your browsing experience. After installing this extension, if you highlight any particular word/phrase in a webpage, it will automatically get added to the search box. This extension will add a small search box in your browser which can be taken at any place of the browser.

Search Highlighter provides you with Google or Bing search results. You just have to highlight the desired text that you want to search and then click enter. All the results will get displayed instantly. The extension supports only two search engines that are Google and Bing. You can switch to any one of them.

The settings (gear icon) provided with the extension lets you manage the position of the search bar. You can even select the number of search results that will be shown to you or you can even set it to show you the results in a new tab. You can also have access to your search history.

Overall this is really a good extension that will enhance your efficiency. You don’t need to retype or copy and paste any text to search. You should give it a try. You can get it downloaded immediately on your system from the following link.

Download Search Highlighter

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