Get Lyrics of the Song Playing in Windows Media Player 12

For me music is like a stress buster. Wherever I am, or whenever I feel non-relaxed, I find music as my best companion. Whenever I am alone I just plug headset in my handheld device or my laptop and start singing along with current playing song. It feels like I am talking to someone.

But sometimes it feels very bad when I am sitting with someone and sings wrong lyrics of the song which I am listening. I think all of us went through the same problem one time or the other. Don’t we? Windows media player is the default music player on our system.

Windows media player has the ability to organize your media content in a proper manner. Usually we all use WMP to play our media content. Now here is some good news for Windows Media Player 12 users! A plug-in is now available for WMP 12 that will display lyrics of the songs played.

This plug-in is known as Lyrics Plug-in. After installing the plug-in, whenever you play a song and switch to the now playing mode, you will see that it will fetch and show you the lyrics of current song that is being played. The plug-in files will be directly added to the Windows Media Player Plug-ins folder.

The process of installation is very simple and does not need any configuration. However if you have never installed any plug-ins, you have to add plug-in folder manually. To create a plug-in folder go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Media Player\ folder and create a folder. Then install the Lyrics Plug-in into that folder.

In the link below you will get the same plug-in for Winamp and iTunes as well.

Download Lyrics Plugin

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