Get Most Liked and Tweeted Search Result on Google

These days most articles on any website have a Facebook Like button and other social share buttons like Tweet and Google share which not only indicates the quality of the content but also the popularity of the article with other readers. This is also a good way to find out which article is worth reading and on which article you should not spend much time.

If you search any query on Google, it displays the results according to its own algorithms and criteria but it does not guarantee that the search result will be really helpful and was liked or not by the other readers. For this purpose here is an online web service called “Google with Social Stats”. As the name of the service indicates, this service helps you to get listing of the most liked and shared articles in Google.

The search results displayed with this service are far better and liked by other readers. What you need to do is just visit this web service (link at the bottom), start typing your query as you would have done on Google and it will start listing the results as per its algorithms right below and instantly, without needing to click on the Search button.

We searched for some text as shown in the image above and found the result to be quite interesting. This would definitely help you to enhance your web searches as with this service you can get the search result which is most liked and shared by other readers on the web.

Visit Google with Social Stats

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