Get old XP Style Network Icons back in Windows 7 with Network Activity Indicator

Windows 7 is one of the most liked Windows OS today and people do like the experience of working in it. With Windows 7, many changes were made to provide people with all new experience; one of them was the Network Icon of two small computers indicating about the network activity on your machine.

So being a Windows 7 user if you miss the old style network icons in your machine which have actually been replaced by a new icon, then here is a small free utility called as Network Activity Indicator. Using this utility you can get back the icons and some added features as mentioned below.


Features of Network Activity Indicator:

• Get two monitors icon on Windows 7 which indicates about the network activity on your computer.
• Lets you know if you are connected to some network or not
• Hover your mouse over the icon to find out the number of packets you have sent or received till now.
• The tool also provides you with more options when you right click on it such as your active open connections, errors received and minimum timeout etc.

Although it might not help you much but it will surely be better than the earlier network icon of the Windows 7 and with the additional features it provide, it is a tool worth downloading.

As shown in the screenshot above, you can also set the tool for some options as per your need and let it stay in your system tray. The tool was suggested by one of our regular readers Rob, thanks Rob for this.

Download Network Activity Indicator

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