Get Rain or Snow notifications on your Desktop with Rain Alarm Extension

So are you planning to go on some trip today but wondering if the weather will remain fine or not, and if it will snow or rain today? Checking the weather at your place is not a bad idea but this task becomes easy if it is done by some tool itself.

Here is some extension for your browser that integrates itself and provides you with notifications about the rain and snow at your place with its strength and coverage. This is an extension for major web browsers like Chrome and Firefox and provides a alarm with some notification warning you about the weather at your place.

You can even click this notification to open the world map displaying the affected areas with some animation over it. The extension uses the Google weather update to show you the results, and if in case it is not available for your country then it must be because of some license issues.

Apart from viewing the weather forecast using this tool you can also see the earlier data, in case you missed any. So whether it is about the rain or the snow, never miss any notification on the status with Rain Alarm Extension.

With this extension, you won’t miss any update on the precipitation in your area whether it is rain or snow.

Download Rain Alarm Extension for Chrome

Download Rain Alarm Extension for Firefox

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