Get Recently Added Playlist back in Windows Media Player 12

From the era of Windows Media Player 8, I used the Recently Added feature of the player a lot and this is what I have been missing in the WMP12 in Windows 7 today as this feature allows me to see what all songs I have added to the library recently.

Since I want to listen the recently downloaded and added songs, there was no option of remembering what all were added. If it is the same case with you, then am sure you would definitely want to add and get back the Recently Added option in the Windows Media Player.

Here is how to get it back:

1. Run the WMP

2. Click the down arrow beside the Create Playlist button as shown below.

3. Select the Create Auto Playlist option.

4. Set the Auto playlist name as Recently Added and select the time filter as Last 30 Days (this will monitor all the songs added in the last 30 days).

5. Click OK and you will see the Recently Added option below the Playlists option in the left side.

Now you can see all your recently added songs and can hear them without the need to remember them over the time. The only concern here is that it would be more of a playlist type and not like an album but I guess that should be okay.

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  1. Also, you can then click Edit next to Create Playlist, add a second criterion: “Sort by” “Date Added” and “Descending”, and then it pretty much functions like the old ways. Thanks MS for making it so easy! Yeah, not really.

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