Get Reminder Emails, Texts or Calls for Important Occasions

If you are a married man, you will never want to miss out wishing your wife on her birthday as this can be disastrous for you :D. There are occasions when you wish to be reminded upon like wishing your wife or parents their birthday or anniversary, or like paying your credit card bills and others.

While you can take help of social networking sites like Facebook for the birthday reminders or other gadgets like smartphones for reminder apps but the problem here is that your grandma would not be on Facebook nor everyone would have a smartphone. Thus forgetting some important occasion is obvious.

Here is an online service that can help you here. The service is called ReminderGuru using which you can schedule reminders for yourselves or even others and get notified via text messages, emails or phone calls (any of these) and that too for free! All you have to do is just visit ReminderGuru (link at bottom), create an account there.

When you visit the link, click the Create your Reminder link, enter your email address to receive the password and then login again. Next you should set the occasion like Mom’s birthday (or anything like pay bills), select Date and Time of the reminder. Then you will be asked to select your reminder mode like test, email or phone call. After the captcha verification, you are done.

Now you won’t miss any important event, be it wishing someone, paying bills or just visiting the market to buy some eatables for home.

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