Get a Reminder message every time you Unlock your iPhone

We all are so busy in our daily life and work activities that we tend to forget some items and other less important work. What I have been doing to overcome this situation is to write a note of every item that needs my attention and keep checking it regularly but this is surely not a solution I would want. Had there been a simple solution like someone or some app reminding me again and again, I would have loved it.

Well if you are an iPhone user then you can make use of the following app called as Remind Me. As the name of the app suggests, it is a reminder app for your jailbroken iPhone that will help you in remembering the stuffs and will constantly remind you of some item that needs your attention. There are other reminder apps too then why this app, because it reminds you every time you unlock your iPhone with a blue pop up box which has to be manually closed thereby making sure that you read it each time.


All you have to do is just visit the Cydia store and look for the app Remind Me, install it as it is free and configure for the reminder message in the app settings. When you enable the app, it will right away start appearing whenever you unlock your phone so that you don’t miss out on any important task.


When you are done with the task, you can close the message by hitting the button “Ok, until next time!” and turn it off by visiting the settings again. Whatever you type in the app settings will appear as it is on the pop up, however had the app supported scheduled reminders it would have been great but it is not that bad so far too.

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