Get Short Emails not more than 500 characters with Shortmail

You receive lot of spam or the usual forward emails that you don’t like? If these are the emails that you mostly receive then you can have it stopped. You can use the online service called Shortmail using which you can receive only those emails which are short and precise.

While most spam emails are more than 500 chars long, you can easily stop receiving spam messages. Also the thing is that the email which the sender would be sending you will be neat, precise and to the point with no useless topic other than the work context.

What is so special about Shortmail?

If you have been wondering why you should have an account at an email service with word limitation then here are the reasons to switch to shortmail.

•    The most important reason is that the emails you will receive will be to the point and will contain no useless conversation.
•    Spam free as most of the spam emails do not pass this character limitation.
•    Unlimited email storage feature.
•    Ability to use the service on the cell phones too.

The email service is, however, linked to the Twitter service, thus if you are a Twitter user then you don’t need to have an additional shortmail profile. You will need to login to it using your twitter credentials. The email id would be like “twittername @shortmail .com”.

Get to read more about shortmail service at the following location.

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