Get Turn by Turn Directions on Apple Maps in Unsupported Countries

I remember the days when we used to go out and ask the people on the streets for the directions, but the time have changed and since the birth of GPS, the life is a lot simpler. All you need is a GPS device and you can go to any place near you even if you are unsure of the route and direction to take. Well that’s the beauty of it.

However, it is not the same for every country. We still have lot many countries where the GPS service is not properly functioning. Users also have the choice of using either Google Maps or Apple Maps for their direction. Although I personally prefer the Google maps for the live traffic updates and directions, some people still tend use the Apple maps may be because of its integration into the iPhone and the apps.


Today we have a small tweak that can add to the functionality of your iPhone. The app is called as MapsAllCountries and is present in the Cydia Bigboss repo for free. This tweak is developed by Rafael Costa and is aimed to provide turn-by-turn navigation even to the unsupported countries like Brazil.


There is no configuration that you need to make to get it working, just need to install the tweak from Cydia onto your own jailbroken iPhone and respring to get it working. The tweak is supported on all iOS 6 and iOS 7 devices. It is interesting to note here that, this tweak has been found to not working in some countries, but it is definitely worth a try.

I am not sure how much this tweak will help you but you are sure to improve the limited functionality of your iPhone. So if you would like to try out and see if it is helpful for you, then head over to Cydia and search for the tweak to install it. [via Redmond]

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