Get Windows 8 Metro Style Start Screen in Windows 7

Those who are using Windows 7 and does not want to upgrade to Windows 8 would still like to enjoy the same features as of Windows 8. How to get those features? We have to find some utility for this. And bingo we have found an application that can help you get metro style start screen on Windows 7.

Metro7 is that widget that will get you metro style UI interface in Windows 7. This widget will give you access to built-in stuff, and you can add further applications from the custom store. Since it will just give you an imitated style, you won’t get the original applications of Windows 8.

While installing the app, it will create a desktop icon and when you will launch the application you will find your screen similar to the screen shot below. The UI of the widget gives the date and time information, access to built-in metro store, weather application, and shortcuts to numerous websites like Facebook and Badoo.

When you will click on the arrow provided on the upper right corner of the window it will show you a set of options that allows you to ‘add’ and ‘pin’ applications’. The last option that is the exit option will bring you back to the original interface of Windows 7. The ‘settings’ option lets you enable/disable full screen mode, widget animation, windows taskbar and set Metro7 to automatically start with system startup.

This application is good to use and benefits those users of Windows 7 who are unable to upgrade to Windows 8. This application is free to use. Note that while installing this app it will give you an option to install a third party toolbar for your browser. Be sure that you want to install that toolbar or not.

Download Metro7

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