Get Windows 8 Ribbon Interface on your Windows 7

Those who are using Windows 8, they must have observed that the toolbar in Windows explorer has been replaced with its popular Ribbon interface, which gives an elegant look to the system and you will be able to access the most common functions that you need to use frequently.

The options provided in the ribbon interface changes according to the work you are doing. This means that whatever you are doing, you will get the options that you would need at that point of time. In my view this ribbon explorer is a good change that I have found in Windows 8. If you want to use the same in Windows 7 then I have something great for you.

In order to have ribbon explorer on windows 8, you can use ‘Better Explorer’ which will help you to implement the Ribbon interface to your Windows 7. With this you will get all the required functions that can be accessed with just a click.

Another feature that this program provides is the tabbed interface. This tabbed interface is similar to the one that we see in the modern browsers. The basic requirement that you need to install this software is that you should have .NET framework 4 installed. Anyhow if you don’t have the framework, then the installer will offer you to install this also. The software will not function without .NET framework 4.

However the Better Explorer is in its development stage. The program is not the exact clone of the ribbon explorer but it will offer mostly the similar looks and features. Be sure that you use this software with Windows 7 only. You can download the software from the link given below.

Download Better Explorer

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