Gmail goes Down for some time Today

When it comes to email, Gmail is the leading email service provider today. Powered by Google, gmail also known as Google Mail, is used for its simplicity and trustworthiness.

But since Google also depends on electronic servers it would be wrong to say that it can’t go down. Today morning (that is around 2 hrs earlier from this post), Gmail was reported down for both consumers and enterprise users making use of google servers.

The issue was reported on Twitter widely by the users however the reason behind this issue is still not clear. The gmail outage stayed for around 10 minutes after which Gmail came back and started operating fine.

Although outage of ten minutes is not a huge time but when it comes to google and its email, the effect worldwide would be massive. For sure, it must have affected the email delivery and communication in this brief outage period of Gmail. [via]

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2 comments on “Gmail goes Down for some time Today
  1. Sarbjit says:

    I also got same error when i tried to access domain mail yesterday in afternoon,

  2. admin says:

    Then i must say you are one the luckiest people to witness such a rare sight 😀

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