Google’s new URL Shortening service

The web is full of URLs, some long and some short. While it is easy to remember the short URLs, it is extremely difficult to remember the long ones. Thus there are URL shorteners that helps in shorten the length the addresses.

There are lot of url shorteners available today, and to add to the list Google had also release one (infact one more) recently. The url shortener from Google is called and in reality is a url shortening service limited to the use by Google officials only. The service will also redirect the users only to the Google web pages.

While Google already had one url shortening service called, it had released this to ensure users that the link having in the URL will only take them to the Google pages only and nowhere else. One can’t tell seeing the shortened url, where it will redirect to but users can be sure of one thing, if the url contains then the landing page is genuine and is created by Google only.

While the service is for the public to create and use the shortened urls, is a service used by Google officials only.

[Via Google Blog]

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