Google Adsense to introduce new 300 X 600 Ad Unit

Online blogging is altogether a different world where you can find all the users visiting a website for their information and queries. Then there are publishers and advertisers to let the users know about some new product or service with an ad. While publishers publish the ads on their sites, advertisers post their ads to make the users aware of some important product/service.

There are different ad box sizes that one can see on some website ranging from small to long to large and then to extra large. Some are so large that they can even spread on half of the page. Google Adsense (the most famous online advertisement service) allows different sized ads, and to add to its list, it has announced the introduction of the size 300 X 600 pixels soon. 

image from google images

This ad size is quite large and can span across half of the web page easily. With the computer monitors increasing in size rapidly, there is good increase in the online web content that one can see. Seeing this, the new ad size is expected to fit well and provide a richer user engagement. The ad size is also one of the fastest growing sizes available today. We shall be seeing this ad soon on most of the blogs that we visit.

The ad size is so big that it can easily draw anyone’s attention, good for advertising about some recently launched product. We shall see more text ads than the image ads in this text box, the choice of which will finally be with the publisher. If you are an Adsense user, you might have started seeing the ad already in your dashboard, and in case not, then it would be available soon to all.

You can read the official announcement at the Adsense blog here.

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