Google Launches Conversational Search on New Chrome Browser

If you are some kind of person who likes to sit back and relax then this news would definitely interest you. With the latest version of Chrome released this week, Google had also launched a new search feature called as “Conversational Search”. If you have already updated to the new Chrome browser then you can start using the search right away.

As shown in the screenshot below you can see there is a small microphone icon in the search field, clicking on which will initiate your conversational search. The icon has been here for quite some time now but earlier it was only a “Voice Search” and not the conversational search. There is a difference between the two as voice search lets you speak to search while Google display the results in text, on the other side, Conversational Search lets you speak to Google and the results are not only displayed but Google also speaks them back for you, as if you are chatting.


Check the search made below. For the search of “How old is Barack Obama” the answer is not only displayed as a card on Google but also pronounced by Google.


The results that you will get will look like the one below.


It will also pronounce the age for you as “Barack Obama is 51 years old”.

Conversational Search is lot more than speaking the question and the answer, Google now also keep the record of the previous queries and you can ask more questions based on your previous query. For example, if you ask “How tall is he” then you will get the results as below.


Google will not only display the result but also answer your question as “Barack Obama is six feet one inch tall”. Clearly, it now recognizes the pronouns based on your previous queries like the word “he” in the question “How tall is he”. This conversation can go on and on as if you are having conversation with Google.

More to the search:

There is more to Google’s conversational search as it is now more clever and intelligent to understand your question and reply accordingly. For instance, if you ask “Will it rain tomorrow” then it won’t come back displaying some useless results instead will correctly show your location and the weather for the next few days. Isn’t it cool?

Do try this new search for yourself and see how easy and correct the search results are. [via]

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