Google Maps not Showing Route Lines in Chrome

Google Maps are my first choice to find out the route that I should take while travelling to some place or may be just to see what’s the current traffic situation is like. I use Google Maps on my desktop with Chrome at work, laptop at home and also my mobile phone which are all in sync with each other.

Everything was great until recently my Chrome browser at work stopped showing the route lines for some direction on Google Maps. It just displays the time taken for different routes but doesn’t display the route lines like it used to.


I don’t remember doing anything that could have originated this problem. Then what is it that is causing this issue while my home laptop and mobile phone are still working fine? Zooming in or out, or even reloading the page didn’t solve the issue. My best bet is on the Chrome browser itself, so this is what I suggest as a solution to this issue.

1. Delete cookies, temp files and other stuffs.

2. I would suspect the add-ons to cause this issue. So try disabling all of the active ones, updating them if the update is available and re-enabling the required ones.

3. After I did this, and reloaded the page, I was able to see the route lines but it didn’t stay for long and disappeared again.


Well, this was the closest I could get to get the route lines back and still looking for a permanent fix. May be just upgrading the Chrome to the latest version will fix the issue, but as you know, at work we don’t have all the rights to do it.

So try updating the browser too as a part of the solution and if you have any, do share with everyone.

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