Google Maps showing 3D Landmarks

Google maps or the Navigator is the most amazing technique brought up in past 2-3 years. Mostly all the Smartphones have this technique installed. While having these applications whenever I go to a new place I never feel I am lost. It actually acts as a life saver at an unknown place.

Most of us are using this technique already. Google recently enhanced more than 1000 famous landmarks for the desktop users as well as for Smartphones. The purpose of these 3D landmarks is to help make them more recognizable and useful to folks visiting a country who rely on them to get around.

However, these 3D models are less realistic hence Google is taking steps in order to correct them. Most of the landmarks are featuring in high quality.

The new landmarks are already available live on desktops and iPhone4s but soon are going to be introduced for Android devices also. These features are likely to look even better on Android as they have Vector-based graphics. But the Google has not confirmed it that this vector based graphic feature is supported or not. Soon it will be available on Google MapsGL, as it aims to create smoother transition in satellite viewing.

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