Google Now Card to tell where you Parked your Car

Google is constantly undergoing improvements and changes. A small change which was done this last Thursday, proved to be a major improvement for almost all of us. Forgetting your car parking location is a common and small thing with most of us and can actually happen to even to the best of the guys.

Imagine you coming out of a party and to spoil your mood you don’t remember where you parked your car. Well if you have an Android phone with GPS capabilities, you might be lucky to find the car soon.


Google introduced this change a day before and works with a car locator feature that will set a card to remind you of the location and will also give you directions to it. The feature is believed to work using your velocity of travelling and a change in it when you get off (using your phone sensors).

Now, since it is a new feature expect it to not always work. Moreover, the feature might also not work when you are travelling as a passenger say in a bus as it will give the location where you get off but otherwise it’s a really good step to solve one of the most common problem of the world.

In case, you don’t this feature to be shown in your Google Now, then you can customize it and set it to not to reappear again. This feature is currently rolling out for everyone and in case, you can’t see it yet on your Google Now, then you need to wait a little and it will be automatically rolled out to you too.

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