Google to Merge Google Web History with Chrome History

Google Web History is a service that automatically starts recording the content that you search using Google search engine, while you are logged into your account. This service is pre-enabled for in every account. As per Google, this service only records information about the searches that users do, and the pages that get clicked on.

With these records, Google personalize the search results and uses for their own improvements. While some people would like this others might not like this Google web history feature. On the other hand, Google chrome browser records the pages that users have visited while using the Google Chrome web browser.

Recently a review states that Google is planning to merge Google Web History and the Chrome history. If the company implements this planning, then the chrome users will not only see the history of the web browser, but also the history of their web searches on Google in Chrome.

So even if you are using other browsers with Google chrome while you are logged in your Google account, then also you will get the identical results in Chrome also. Soon new latest Chromium versions will be available for the users with this feature enabled.

So if you don’t like personalized search results and everything that goes along with it, I would suggest you to disable the Web History on the Google homepage and if you don’t want to disable this feature, then you should use Google search engine after logging out of your Google account.

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