Google’s new service Google Hotel Finder

If you are the person who like travelling and going on weekend getaways then you would surely like this new service launched by Google. Finding right hotel is very important when at vacation as finding the good hotel that suits your need, can decide the fate of your vacation.

There are many other web services that can help you with this then why Google Hotel Finder? May be because they want to take on this market and provide the users the easier way of finding the accommodation. The Google Hotel Finder service is currently in the experimental stage and is aimed at providing better options easily to the users.

Finding the hotel shouldn’t be difficult for you as you need to enter your search criteria for making the right choice and with the feature of “tourist spotlight” it becomes easier. This feature shows you, at first, the most visited hotels in the area you searched for.

You can also get a good deal for the hotel of your choice as compared to the other hotel finder services. The service is currently in the experimental stage and is, as of now, running in US. So if you are visiting US soon then do try this.

But does this service mean are we expecting more Google services like Google pedia or say Google job finder?

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