Gradually Decrease the Volume of your PC with VolumeOut

If you have a habit of going to bed with the music ON on your computer or say while watching movie, you must have experience this situation of sleeping while the music is still playing. I have a habit of checking Facebook before sleeping but am sure all the music lovers would never want to hear some song in loud volume when they are almost asleep.

Also instead of turning the volume down gradually over the time you can make use of some automatic tool that can gradually lower the volume for you. Here is a tool called VolumeOut and as the name suggest, it is an automatic tool for gradually decreasing the volume of your computer over the period of the time specified by you so that you don’t need to do this manually.

In short this tool does only function; it decreases the volume of your computer to zero (mute) gradually in the time interval set by you. You can set the time interval for the maximum of 240 minutes. If the time interval is set to 240, the volume reduction would not be significant as it has to spread the decrease in volume over this time. However if you set the time interval say for 2 minutes, then you can easily make out the difference in volume. Hence the tool depends on the volume range and also on the time interval set by you.

You can use this program if you have a habit of going to bed with the music on and sleeps to it as you would not want a song playing in loud volume to affect your sleep. However if you are doing some other stuff like watching movie, or talking over skype them this would not be a good choice to go for as you might not be able to hear what was being said.

You can configure the tool from the system tray easily by left and right clicking the icon. The tool is developed for Windows users only and can be downloaded from the location below.

Download VolumeOut

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