Happy Birthday Tech Salsa: We are 4

Just a small update to all our readers, we are 4 years old now. It was on 28th July 2008 that we decided to go ahead with this blog of ours but never thought we would be going so far with you.

After 4 years now, we would guarantee you that we would still be running for quite some time now and keep providing you with the latest tech articles that will help you in your daily work.

Just keep us motivating with your lovely comments and thank you messages we receive, and we would keep serving you all with enthusiasm. You can join us and other followers on our FB page too, in case not already.

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5 Replies to “Happy Birthday Tech Salsa: We are 4”

  1. Hi Rajat,
    its a long journey to reach this day but first of all congrats to you who actually behind the curtains of this blog.Plz wait for goodwill from my side because i am writing a article in which your blog is also listed.
    Thanks for your support,patience to keep this blog alive and help to others…

  2. HI Rajat, first i need to say thnx for providing an excellent solutions to our problems.. ur Blog made me easy in solving these problems..thnx for it….luv it alot

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