Happy New Year to all Readers of Tech Salsa

Hello everyone, it’s the first day of the New Year 2009 and Tech Salsa is never behind greeting its readers. I, Rajat Gupta, on behalf of Tech Salsa wish all its viewers a Very Happy, Prosperous and Successful New Year 2009.

We would always remember the Year 2008 since it was in this year Tech Salsa was born.

Highlights of Year 2008

•    Marked the birth of Tech Salsa (28 July 2008)
•    TS is gaining rapid popularity and will continue to provide you with same useful information.
•    TS have been solving many problems of the viewers and will continue to do so.
•    TS respect its readers and will continue to be in touch through its feed subscriptions.

Tech Salsa has been providing you people with some cool Windows Tips and Tricks, Fixes of problems and also some cool info on various topics like Gaming, iPhone and many more. This is the first day of the New Year 2009 and we will always provide you with more and better info in the future.

Happy New Year 2009 once again!!

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