Have Android Notifications Read to you with Voice 4 Whatsapp Line Viber

One of the many great features in Android I like is the Notification Bar. As compared to iPhone, Android devices have a notification center which allows us to see any new message, email, text or anything without opening the app itself. Also the LED notification light helps us to know if we have missed on to that.

I am not sure if all Android phones have this feature or not, but in my Note 2 there is a feature of Driving Mode, which enables the user to listen to the incoming call (the number or the name) or text when you are driving so that you don’t need to check your phone. Similar to this feature, I came across an app for the Android devices that reads out your notifications that you frequently receive so that you don’t need to check your phone again and again.


The name of this app is called Voice 4 Whatsapp Line Viber (I know how weird it feels) and it is able to read out the notifications either in full or only the sender’s identity so that you know without even opening the app. The app is currently incorporated with following apps Gmail, WhatsApp, Line, SpotBros and Viber which means notifications apart from these apps, would not be read.


The app is not very difficult to configure and you can easily setup the app to listen to the notifications. Hearing the notifications can be easy and helpful sometimes but might not be safe if you are someone who is always surrounded by people say at work or at lunch as this might leak your private information to everyone.

If you feel that the app can help you say when you are driving or may be at other times, then do try it at the link below.

Download Voice 4 Whatsapp Line Viber

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