Having slow system, try Power Options

Are you running slow system and are tired of waiting for the computer to respond and finish your work? I know how it feels when your system hangs or runs slow, it surely feel irritating, isn’t it? Think of a situation when you are working on the system and listening to a song simultaneously, it would feel irritating when your song hangs.

Well much have been said and discussed about a slow working PC, both on this blog and on the web but there is one more thing that you should know which is also responsible for making a system run slow. If you have performed all the things (discussed here) like that of cleaning the temp files, removing the useless programs and still your system is running slow then try changing your computer’s power options.

Yes, it happened to one of my friends as he was facing this issue of slow computer and tried almost all the things but still was unable to solve the problem. He was then able to solve the problem when he tried changing the Power settings of the computer from the one that saves battery to the performance optimized setting.

In the laptops we use, there are power options to save battery which he realized that his laptop was running on the “Battery priority”. He then changed it to the “Performance” setting, and if you believe me his laptop was way quicker than before.

Doesn’t it make sense?

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