Hear Adobe PDF Files

We have been using Adobe PDF files for quite some time but did you know that we can hear the contents of a PDF file as well?

Yes the feature is present in the Adobe Reader by default and one can activate this feature to hear the contents of the PDF file instead of reading it.


1.    If the feature is deactivated by default then we have to activate it first.

2.    Open any PDF document and visit the “Read Out Loud” menu under the View tab.

3.    Click on Activate Read Out Loud to enable this feature.

4.    Now you can hear the document by either visiting this menu or using the following shortcuts:

Ctrl + shift + B: To hear the entire Document
Ctrl + shift + V: To hear the currently selected page
Ctrl + shift + C: To resume/pause
Ctrl + shift + E: To stop hearing

This listen/talk feature of Adobe is available to only the Adobe 6.0 or later. If the voice is too fast, you can adjust the speed by going to Control Panel -> Speech and change the Voice speed slider.

The post was suggested by one of our readers Dinesh (Thanks Dinesh).

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