Hear Text File by Adding Speak Option in Right Click Menu

If you deal mostly with the text files like that in Notepad or Doc, then you would surely like this trick. Don’t read the files; let Windows dictate them for you. With this cool trick you can add Speak option in the right click context menu so that you are able to listen to the file and not read it.

The above pic would have told you what I mean. Yes you can now convert text to speech easily and for free with just a registry tweak.

The NirSoft site provides us with that feature with which we can make Windows speak the text for us.


1.    Just download the NirCmd uility.

2.    Extract the file and move the NirCmd.exe file inside the C:\Windows folder

3.    Now download the speak-text file, unzip to find two registry files.

4.    To add the Speak option in right click menu, double click the Speak.reg file.

5.    Now just right click on any text file and select Speak to hear the text in the file.

To revert back to the original state, run the other file reading undo.reg

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