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Good things can certainly become better and with the help of you people Tech Salsa can also improve. Did I sound too pleading? No, I am not asking for any donations or something, what I need is just your cooperation.

There are many things you can do and most of them will take only seconds. If you really like my site, articles, solutions, presentation or any other thing that has helped you in any way then you can certainly help TS grow.

Following is the lists of things that will help my site grow:

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Suggestions? Let me know. Thank you in advance.

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  1. This is a beautiful site. Thanks for all nice info. I am very satisfied with the description of how to remove a virus from the machine. I like all other things you are writing about here.

  2. How to remove win32/AutoIt.Fl worm from machine (also known as W32/AutoIt.FL worm)

    I’ve got a great deal with this kind of worm last week. What’s happened? Like other, this worm spreads through USB drives and network. It copies itself, hide original folders with the data and puts hteir copies with the .exe in the root of drives.

    How to recognize it?

    1. This worm creates copies of lsass.exe processes taking the user name (for example: lsass.exe Jason). In real situation, lsass.exe belongs to normal Windows process with the user name SYSTEM. So, the first thing we should do is to locate the lsass.exe _ your user name;

    2. This worm creates win folder in the boot partition. It is placed before the Windows directory. To see that, you nedd to go to the Total Commander and enable option which will allow you to see the hidden system files. When you are done, win folder could be visible;

    3. Now, we should kill the beast. Open the Task Manager. Open the Processes tab, and then open the view tab. In the view tab, choose Select Columns and mark PID column. Now the PID (Process Identification) of all processes will be visible. Locate the PID of the lsass.exe _ your user name. (Example: lsass.ese 3452 Jason). Please, be avare that there is another lsass.exe process that belongs to Windows OS. It is signed as SYSTEM. Do Not kill it.

    5. The next thing is the meat nad pottato of the story: open cmd and enter next command there:

    taskkill /F /PID XXX
    where XXX is the number of the PID of the process
    Hit the ENTER and let it terminate.

    Note: Do Not close Task Manager Window. Both Command Prompt and Task MAnager Windos should be open.

    5. Now open Total Commander and find win folder. Mark and delete it. You’re job about it worm is done. You are free.

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