Hide a Drive or Partition with TweakUI in Windows

One of our readers wanted to know how to hide any drive or partition in Windows? Well if you also want to hide yours or just wish to fool someone, then this can be easily done.

The advantage of hiding a disk drive is that this method not only hide your data but also make it invisible to those who are a threat to your secret files. You can prevent the unauthorized access to your data.

The method is best to use when you have lot of data to protect then what you can do is just copy the data in a drive and hide the complete drive instead of hiding those individually.

Drive can be made hidden by two ways:

1.    Registry Editing

2.    TweakUI

TweakUI is far better and simpler of the two.

1.    So just download it and click on the + sign on the left of My Computer to visit the Drives section.

2.    All drives would get listed there, uncheck the one you want to hide and click OK.

3.    That’s it; your drive will get hidden.

You can see my hidden E drive above.

However I checked that if you enter the drive name in the Run Box you can still open it.

Download TweakUI

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