Hide any Application Window from displaying

There are occasions when we want a program to run in the background without gaining any attention of the other users but keeping it protected from everyone is difficult. Say you are downloading something from the internet but don’t want to keep it visible to everyone, then also you can hide it from displaying.

The tool is called Hide-It, and as the name suggests, it hides the program window from showing up and also hides it from the taskbar so the icon that showed has now disappeared along with the application.

Thus in short, Hide-It allows you to hide the application window along with the taskbar icon making it impossible for other users to view it but if you want to show the window again, then that is also possible after right clicking the Hide-It icon and making it to display.

Moreover the application being hidden, is also removed from the Alt + Tab options thereby making it difficult for the other users to even detect the hidden windows. This is a great tool in case you want to download something secretly but have to go somewhere and can’t let the download run like that.

The tool is free to use, and works great on Windows. A must tool to have as it can disable both the public and private working windows.

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