Hide any Program or Window instantly with a Mouse Click using HiddeX

Let’s admit the fact that we all switch to Facebook or any other stuff while at work and in office and tend to minimize it instantly whenever there is a chance of someone peeking us. I always have my Chrome browser opened in my work computer so that whenever I have some time, I look for some stuffs online and for some shopping but as soon as someone approach my desk, I minimize it quickly.

If this is something that you also do, then here is a tool that will actually help you. The tool is called as HiddeX and will help you hide any program or a window instantly with the use of just a mouse click or keyboard shortcuts. The biggest advantage of using this tool is that it doesn’t minimize the program (posing a risk of being caught) rather it hides it from the taskbar completely so that no one can actually know.


How to use HiddeX:

The program is portable which means you don’t need to install it in your system and can be used from a USB drive too. So just run the tool, and you will see all the active programs in the top panel. To hide any running program just double click on it and it will move to the bottom panel where all the hidden programs are.

Also set up the keyboard or mouse hotkey combination from the options below. Using the hotkeys setup here, you can instantly hide or unhide the programs. There is a Type section too in the tool using which you can select to hide system processes too.

While keyboard hotkey will need certain keys to be pressed, you can select the mouse combination like pressing the middle button, or moving the mouse to the corner which is faster.

HiddeX can be used to hide any window, program, browser or even a game in the background with one click or hotkey combination and that too instantly. If you think the tool is really helpful for you, then you can use it on your Windows machine from the link below.

Download HiddeX

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