Hide Facebook Suggested Posts from your News Feed (Chrome)

We all like to spend some time on Facebook for it introduces us to the activities of our friends, happenings in their lives and what is new in the online world. But we control what we want to see our self and not what others want us to see. If you are unable to understand about what I am talking, then it is the Facebook’s suggested post that we all are seeing these days in our news feeds.

Recently Facebook had started displaying some suggested posts in our news feeds, based on our recent activities and what their algorithms think we might be interested in reading. Actually these are kind of advertisements only which are there in our news feeds and since these are inline, they can’t be blocked by some ad blockers like AdBlock Plus.


It feels very irritated to me when I roll over these advertisements as why should I read what they want us to read. Thus here is a simple Google Chrome Extension that is developed just for overcoming this issue. The extension is called as Hide Facebook Suggested Posts, and as the name of the extension suggests it is developed only to hide these suggested but irritating posts.

The extension is very simple to use as you just need to install in your browsers. After the extensions are installed in your browsers, you won’t be seeing any more Suggested Posts and feel as if they were never there. All you have to take care while using this extension is that, just refresh the Facebook session after it has been installed so that it can start working.

There is nothing more that this extension offers but it works great to provide what it should. Thus if you are also irritated seeing the suggested posts from Facebook every now and then and want to remove those, then do try this extension.

Download Hide Facebook Suggested Posts

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